First DigMap implementation at Duga Resa City GeoPortal

Duga Resa GeoPortal

First DigMap implementation as MVP (minimal viable product) is available at Duga Resa City GeoPortal

The GeoPortal holds all major city spatial data such as administrative borders, cadaster, land usage, urban planning maps and infrastructure objects (including traffic, energy, water and utilities).

DigMap uses the well-known GeoExt or Leaflet framework for building user interface based on MapFishPrint protocols to communicate to the DigMap service in the background. Users have a friendly web based graphical user interface print map dialog to select print layout, resolution, area of interest (with rotation option) and enter their comments.

Received reports not only contain map images and decorations (like map scale ratio and north arrow, etc.), but the reports are also digitally signed and contain embedded attached data about layers in GML format. Digital signature attaches the identity of the signer to the document and records a binding commitment to the document. While raster graphic in pdf file is aesthetically pleasing, such an image can’t be used for further digital spatial analysis supported by the computer. Instead, embedded data in vector format enables further manipulation in almost any GIS tool (like the leading open source desktop tool, Quantum GIS).

Using DigMap billing services the data provider can also charge for costs associated with data management (marginal costs or commercial costs).


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