Welcome to the GeoReports Tutorial.

GeoReports Tutorial – a tutorial with warranty – author guarantees the accuracy and correctness of tutorial, all the actions mentioned in the tutorial can be reproduced in accurate manner if you follow tutorial instructions..

This tutorial will show how to produce reports with maps using today’s world leading free and open source software for web mapping and reports, GeoServer and JasperReport, respectively.

It is primary intended as a syllabus for GeoReports workshop and not as comprehensive guide for geo-reports cook book. Indeed source code provided in this tutorial can be used for creating a geo-reports.

Tutorial will go trough a series of steps increasing a level of complexity with various integration options: from comand line application setup, over web application to GeoServer extension – embedded reporting application delivered over OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) WPS (Web Processing Service). For a more user friendly approach, Geoserver extension – named DigMap – will be wrapped in Boundless OpenGeo Suite.

I hope you will enyoj reading! Check out latest post and discover where you can attend live presentation in form of workshop in hands-on environment with experienced assistant at your side.

First live tutorial is held at FOSS4G-E conference in Bremen, on 14th of July 2014.


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