Report publishing

There are several way to publish JasperReport. We’ll go step by step, try out each option and try to fix report design for better performance and usability.

Jaspersoft Studio

The simplest option is to publish report from Jaspersoft Studio to JasperReport Server by one mouse click. Since we don’t have a JasperReport Server we’ll skip that option. Nevertheless if you have time and will try it for yourself.

Simple Java application

Second approach is to embed report into java application. For that purpose we’ll use already created georeport-cmd project.

Web App publishing

Since today’s world is oriented to Cloud computing for sure we should put our georeport online. During this exercise we’ll introduce GeoTools, an open source Java library that provides tools for geospatial data, to grab the data from remote GeoServer.

OGC WPS publishing

Fortunately there is one more compact way to deploy georeport service using OGC WPS.  Web Processing Service enable any kind of processing directly on GeoServer. In fact we are creating a sort of plug in that has access to GeoServer core parts like: catalog, wms service etc. Basically our service will run inside GeoServer.


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