Tutorial outline

The goal of “Geo Reports” workshop is to show how to create a report with spatial data and map printout. The final report packed in PDF file shows map with data about object and additional header and footer. After this workshop one will be able to call standardized OGC services and publish data in PDF report.

Tutorial outline

  • Usage of OGS (OpenGeo Suite ) as a web based GIS tool
    • Short introduction to OGS
    • Review basic operations on map viewer
  • Styling map using OGC SLD
    • Basic styling principles
    • Styling with GeoExplorer
  • Use OGC WMS service for map generation
    • Short introduction to OGC WMS
    • Introduction to Geoserver Demo requests for WMS
    • WMS Reflector
  • Use OGC WFS service for feature info
    • Short introduction to OGS WFS
    • Introduction to Geoserver Demo requests for WFS
    • WFS request
    • WFS filters
  • Report creation
    • Planning a Report
    • Creating a Report
    • Selecting Records
    • Organizing Data on a Report
    • Creating Basic Formulas
    • Applying Conditional Reporting
  • Publish report
    • Jaspersoft Studio
    • Simple Java application
    • Web App publishing
    • OGC WPS publishing


  • Business Analysts
  • Report Writers
  • Report Designers
  • Application Developers


  • Windows conventions
  • Basic computer skills and database concepts
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Jaspersoft Studio
  • Apache Tomcat
  • GeoServer
  • OpenGeoSuite

Skills taught

  • Understand the road-map for geo reports
  • Plan and create simple examples of geo reports
  • Apply simple geo report design methodology
  • Manage geo report distribution

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